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Which Restaurants Still Have Valentine’s Day Tables?

If you’ve slacked on booking a reservation for February 14, have no fear. Plenty of local restaurants (2941! Farrah Olivia!) still have room for couples.

In the mood for love (or at least, a little foie gras)? If you want to take your sweetie out on the town this February 14 and haven't planned anything yet, don't panic. These restaurants have available reservations for two—for now, at least. 

And for more ideas, click here to check out the article Cynthia Hacinli and I wrote up on our ten favorite restaurants for romance. We cover the best places to dine if you're young and on a budget, single and on the prowl, trying to reignite the spark, or looking for the sexiest sushi around.

On the early side:

100 King: 6:30, 7:30 PM

Acadiana: 7 PM

Ardeo: 5:45 PM

Belga Cafe: 5:45 PM 

BLT Steak: 5:30 PM 

Bobby Van's Steakhouse: 7 PM

Ceiba: 5:30 PM

Centro: 6 PM

Circle Bistro: 5:30, 6 PM

D'Acqua: 5:30 PM

Dino: 5:30, 6 PM

Evening Star Cafe: 5:30 PM 

Farrah Olivia by Morou: 7:45 PM 

Indique Heights: 6 PM

Jaleo Crystal City: 6 PM

Lia's: 5:45 PM

Matisse: 6 PM 

Morrison-Clark: 6, 6:30 PM

Perry's: 5:30, 6:30, 7:30 PM

The Oval Room: 5:30 PM 

Oya: 5:30 PM

Restaurant Kolumbia: 5:30, 6, 6:30 PM

Spezie: 6, 6:30, 7:30 PM

Tallula: 5:30 PM

Teatro Goldoni: 6 PM

Zengo: 5:45, 6, 6:15 PM

On the later side:

100 King: 8:30, 9, 9:30 PM 

2941: 9:15 PM 

Ardeo: 9:15 PM

Belga Cafe: 9:30 PM

Bistro Bis: 9:30 PM

BLT Steak: 9:45 PM

Bobby Van's Steakhouse: 8:15 PM 

Bombay Club: 9:30 PM

Butterfield 9: 9:45 PM

Cafe 15: 9 PM

Centro: 8:30, 9, 9:30 PM

Circle Bistro: 9:45 PM

D'Acqua: 9 PM

Dino: 9:30 PM

Evening Star Cafe
: 9, 9:30 PM

Famoso: 9:30 PM 

Grapeseed: 9:45 PM

Indique Heights: 8:45, 9, 9:15 PM

Indigo Landing: 9:30 PM 

Jaleo Crystal City: 9:30 PM

Lavandou: 9:30 PM

Lia's: 8:30, 8:45, 9 PM

Matisse: 9 PM

Morrison-Clark: 8:30 PM

Notti Bianche: 9:45 PM

The Occidental: 8:30 PM

Oceanaire Seafood Room: 9:30 PM 

Oya: 9:30 PM

Poste: 9:30 PM

Restaurant Kolumbia: 8, 8:45, 9 PM

Rock Creek: 9 PM

Sette Bello: 9:30 PM

Spezie: 8:30 PM

Taberna del Alabardero: 9:45 PM

Teatro Goldoni: 9 PM

The Occidental: 8:30 PM 

The Oval Room: 9:30 PM

Viridian: 9:15 PM

Zengo: 9:15 PM 



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