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To the Poll: Is Joe Biden Right About Sandwiches?

The Vice President declares Delaware the sandwich king.

Photograph of Biden by Jason and Bonnie Grower / Shutterstock.

Fighting words from the Diamond State! Vice President Joe Biden was among the first customers at the grand opening of DC’s first Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop earlier today; the Delaware-based chain has long been a Biden favorite. In addition to ordering lunch, the aviator-clad VP was also ready to take on one of the biggest culinary debates of all time: which city in America makes the best sandwich.

“‘This is gonna settle once and for all, the best sandwich in America is out of Wilmington, Del.,’” Biden is quoted as saying in a vice presidential press pool report. “‘I’m bringing one back for the President. No more of this stuff about Chicago and Philly and New York. This settles it. You guys want to get this settled. And end it. I’m ready man. The President is waiting. I’m having lunch with him today.’”

Biden then proceeded to order two medium Italian subs, no onions, one with hot peppers on the side. (“‘The only way to eat these things is with hot peppers, but not everybody understands that. You know what I mean?’”) He also snagged the Thanksgiving-themed Bobbie and a large Italian sub for his staff. According to the pool report, Biden continued “trying to convince people that Delaware makes the best sandwiches ever” while waiting for his order.

“‘The only place where Philadelphia can compete with us is steak sandwiches. Just compete. Compete. Not win,’” he said, according to the pool report.

So what do you think? Is Delaware America’s number-one sandwich city? To the poll!

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