Inside Juleanna Glover’s Holiday Party

Photos from the intimate Kalorama cocktail party celebrating the season.

By: Carol Ross Joynt

Christopher Reiter, Juleanna Glover, Becca Glover, Pepper Watkins, Kristin Glover, and Elizabeth Glover. Photo by Erik Uecke.

Slideshow: Inside Juleanna Glover’s Holiday Party

Who: Juleanna Glover, Elizabeth Glover, Kristin Glover, Christopher Reiter, Pepper Watkins

What: The “night before the night before Christmas” cocktail party

Where: Juleanna Glover’s Kalorama townhouse

When: Friday, December 23, from 8 PM on


Why: With Christmas Eve falling on Saturday, Friday was left for travel, last-minute shopping, and one more holiday party. That’s why the Glover sisters and their men pulled together for this chance to be with friends—that, and they love to give parties. Few people entertain with as much enthusiasm for the act of socializing, especially Juleanna. She was a relaxed hostess, even though in 48 hours she would be off to Spain with Christopher and their children. 

The menu: Lemon meringue vodka martinis, sparkling wine, sushi, cheese, fruit, cookies, cakes, and candy

Spotted: Garance Franke-Ruta, Marc Adelman, Brian McCormack, Franco Nuschese, Jennifer and Jake Tapper, Jim Newell, Alycia and Franz Bartley-Heinsen, Jordan and Mollie Berman, Francesca Craig, Marybeth Coleman, Jonathan Capehart, Rachel Weiner, Karen Finney, Eric Schwartz, Pam Stevens, Faisal Al-Juburi, Adam Dubitsky, Christina Wilkie, Joel Hinzman, Monica Zubler, Daniel Wattenberg