Washington Tweets About Robert Griffin III’s Debut Tonight

What Olympics? What Nats game? According to Twitter, it’s all about the Redskins’ preseason game.

By: Carol Ross Joynt

If the excitement about tonight’s first preseason Redskins game is any indication, the September 9 season opener could knock the planet out of orbit. And it’s all about one man: Robert Griffin III. Has there ever been so much wired anticipation for the debut of one rookie quarterback? We don’t think so. Certainly not in DC. Yes, there’s Andrew Luck out in Indianapolis—but sorry, Colts, it’s not the same. Griffin has captured the imagination of football fans nationwide, but especially here in his new home. Maybe it’s his goofy grin, his smarts, his quotes—“no pressure, no diamonds”—or maybe it comes down to his obvious skills on the field.

Reports say training camp has been uneven for him, but it’s training camp. The real proof is not a preseason game, but the real thing: the season opener at New Orleans in a month, when the Skins go up against the Saints and Super Bowl veteran Drew Brees.

It will be a tough evening for Washington sports fans, who must choose between more Olympic track and field and a Redskins game, not to mention the remarkable Washingtonian Nationals, who wrap up their series with the Houston Astros. If the Twitter comments below are any indication, that choice has been made.

Notably, the last tweet from RG3 to fans, last night, was to the point: “Off to Buffalo people.” The people are ready. (Check back tomorrow for more on tonight’s game.)