2413 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA 22204



Great Bars 2013: TNT Bar

The oddity of a fancy-cocktail bar in the back of a counter-service fish-and-chips joint—a second location of the Alexandria restaurant Eamonn’s—isn’t lost on beverage expert Todd Thrasher (Restaurant Eve, PX, the Majestic). He dreamed up the casual concept with partners Cathal and Meshelle Armstrong. (Meshelle is responsible for TNT’s biker-bar look.) The concept: excellent beverages, a raucous rock ’n’ roll soundtrack, lots of greasy snacks. The drinks: complex, crafted with esoteric ingredients, and divided into Thrasher originals along with homages to great bartenders in other cities. The net effect: really fun and unlike any bar experience we’ve had before. Insider tip: Opt for a high bar chair over one of the little toadstools at nearby tables, which are even more uncomfortable than they appear. Open daily.