Rus Uz

1000 N. Randolph St.
Arlington, VA 22201


Neighborhood: Arlington, Ballston

Cuisines: Russian/E. European

Opening Hours:
Open daily for lunch and dinner.

Nearby Metro Stops: Ballston-MU

Price Range: Inexpensive


Cheap Eats 2013: Rus Uz

Quick reviews of ethnic cuisines you can experience for less than $25 a person, tax and tip included.

At this authentically gut-busting tour of Russia and Uzbekistan, a gem of the Ballston dining scene, owner/chef Bakhtiyor Rakhmatullaev demonstrates the manifold and delicious possibilities inherent in meat and dough—from the terrific lineup of savory stuffed pastries (samsas, cheburekis, and piroshkas) to the pelmeni (tortellini-like dumplings filled with ground beef) and manti (palm-size pillows filled with peppery lamb and topped with yogurt) that form the backbone of the small menu. For a change of pace—or just to lighten the heartiness—opt for the excellent smoked-fish platter, a generous assortment of salmon, butterfish, and sturgeon.