Feel Good Look Good: Toned Cheeks

Fitness instructor Val Geogescu is all about toned cheeks.

She says her 30-minute Face Val-U class at Sports Club/LA in DC's West End offers men and women a way to achieve firmer, more youthful faces–without the risk and expense of Botox or surgery.

Walk into her class and the group might greet you by saying, "Hello dahling, how ahre you?" Pretentious? No, this talk goes with the "snooty face" Geogescu uses to teach facial posturing: Stick your nose in the air and you'll keep your muscles up.

Other antics include speaking with your lips pulled over your teeth, tightening your mouth into a Scream-esque "O," and squeezing your cheeks without squinting–all while sitting atop an exercise ball toenhance posture.

"I've had clients who wanted to get facial surgery but then took my class and never went back to the doctor," says Geogescu. "Why have a fit body and not a fit face?"


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