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June 2004: Capital Q

Those from the beef belt--that is, Texas--go to Capital Q for the long-cooked beef brisket.

Barbecue lovers in DC have two good choices. Those for whom barbecue means pork–which is most of the South–head to Rocklands for the best pork ribs in town. Those from the beef belt–that is, Texas–go to Capital Q for the long-cooked beef brisket. Owner Nick Fontana's tiny Chinatown establishment doesn't have many seats, and it's closed up tight by 7 on weeknights and 8 on Friday and Saturday, but it's worth planning ahead to eat that great brisket on a sandwich, on a platter, or in bulk to take home.

In Texas, a link or two of spicy sausage is a traditional accompaniment, but Capital Q also has good potato salad, black-eyed pea salad ("Texas Caviar"), collard greens, and black beans. For dessert, there's pecan pie and banana pudding.