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Top Physical-Rehabilitation Specialists

Physical-rehabilitation specialists, also known as physiatrists, provide treatment and therapy to aid in recovery from serious injury or illness.

This article is from the 2005 version of Top Doctors. For Washingtonian's 2008 Top Doctors, please click here

Edward G. Allcock, office and hospital privileges at VHC.

Katharine E. Alter, office in Cheverly; privileges and office at MWASH. Concentration in pediatrics.

Michael E. April, Rockville. Special interest in acupuncture.

Heidi K. Archer, Sterling; LOU.

Arthur P. Barletta, SOMD.

John P. Casey, Rockville; SG, WADV.

Inder M. Chawla, WADV, Landover, Downtown DC, SIB. Special interest in chronic pain, electrodiagnosis.

Abraham A. Cherrick, ALEX, Shirlington, Franconia. Also in Pain Management.

Rodney B. Dade, Fairfax, Alexandria.

Sally Evans, CNMC; HSC, NRH. Special interest in acute inpatient rehabilitation.

Kathleen Fink, Bethesda; NRH, SUB, GU. Special interest in sports medicine.

Mayo F. Friedlis, Fairfax, Herndon.

Ali G. Ganjei, MV, FOAKS. Special interest in brain injuries.

Roger V. Gisolfi, MV. Special interest in traumatic brain injuries.

Kathryn Grant, VHC.

Brian Y. Kim, Germantown; HOW, SG. Special interest in sports medicine.

Mark D. Klaiman, Bethesda, Northwest DC; SG, SUB, MONT, SIB, HC. Special interest in chronic pain, closed head injuries.

Philip J. Marion, GWU, WADV; WHC, HU.

Andrew D. McCarthy, NRH; WHC, GU. Special interest in neurologic rehabilitation.

Andrew V. Panagos, Bethesda; HC, SG, SUB. Special interest in chronic pain, closed head injuries.

Terrence P. Sheehan, Rockville; SG, SUB. Subspecialty in spinal-cord injuries.

Wan Shin, FRFX. Special interest in pain management.

David P. Sniezek, Downtown DC, McLean; NRH, SIB, WHC. Special interest in acupuncture, chiropractic, physiatry.

Neil Spiegel, Rockville. Special interest in sports medicine.

John E. Toerge, GU, NRH, Bethesda. Special interest in spinal-cord injury, sports injuries, muscular-skeletal injuries.