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Best of 2005: Best-Kept Grocery Secret

Alexandria's Grand Mart is one of our under the radar grocery stores

At Grand Mart (6255 Little River Tpk., Alexandria; 703-941-1177; seven other locations), a small chain of ethnic supermarkets catering to Northern Virginia's Asian and Latino communities, the produce aisle holds wonderful varieties of greens so fragrant you'd think you were at a farmers market.

We also love the abundant seafood–even the frozen stuff is superior to most grocery stores' fresh stock. Among the array of meats you'll find plump duck legs, fresh tongue, and a filet mignon that could feed a family of eight for the price of a Big Mac and fries. No less a fan than Galileo chef Roberto Donna was seen shopping for chicken gizzards for a meal he was preparing at his restaurant's Laboratorio.

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