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Best of 2005: Keeping the Redskins Honest – and Fun

Sonny and Sam aren't just the best broadcast team in Washington--they're the best anywhere.

Sonny Jurgensen is a team guy–he'll always be Mr. Redskin. But if you listen to the Redskins on the radio (WJFK-FM, 106.7) week in and week out, you learn a lot from Sam Huff. He's a tough guy who knows everything about football. And he's the only guy around Redskins Park who isn't intimidated by the bullying Redskins owner. Others fear for their jobs–Sam tells it like it is. He should have been hired to do Monday Night Football, but he's happy to live in West Virginia with his slow talk and fast horses.

Even when the team is losing, Sonny and Sam are a big part of what makes being a Redskins fan fun.

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