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Best of 2005: Most Overdone Dishes

What are this year's miniburgers and molten cake? Here are some items fast becoming clichés on local menus

• Butter-poached lobster

• Kobe steak and cheese

• Tater Tots

• Grits cakes

• Churros or beignets

• Napoleons as appetizers

• Spring rolls as desserts

• "Duos" and "trios" of duck, apples, or anything else

Washingtonian staffers contributing to this section were Cristina Abello, Susan Baer, Susan Davidson, Ken DeCell, Rebecca Dreilinger, Kim Isaac Eisler, Mary Clare Fleury, Kimberly Forrest, Brooke Lea Foster, Garrett M. Graff, Cynthia Hacinli, Thomas Head, Todd Kliman, Ann Limpert, Chad Lorenz, Leslie Milk, Aparna Nancherla, William O'Sullivan, Cindy Rich, and Chris Wilson. Also contributing were Cathy Alter, Ann Cochran, and Matthew Graham.

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