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Love Your Pet: Communicating with Animals

When a $1,000 MRI fails to turn up anything wrong with your ailing pet, there's always the metaphysical option.

This article is from 2006's Pet Guide package. The information may be out-of-date, so please call locations listed for new information.

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"Usually we'll see a change while I'm there," says Christina Montana, a Silver Spring animal communicator. A house call, which runs $60 to $85 an hour, starts with a few minutes of silence. "Then I start sending the animal questions and images," she says, "and he'll send me back how he feels."

Many animals, she says, are cured after one to three sessions and a ten-day regimen of floral essences: "Animals seem to get it a lot faster than people do."

Virginia pet psychic Karen Wrigley does most of her work by phone, speaking with the owners; one client called from Korea about a pony in Maryland. "Telepathy has no boundaries," she says.

Pets communicate in different ways. "Sometimes my body can even hurt in the same place that the animal hurts, to help me understand," Wrigley says. Telepathy knows no boundaries of species, either. Montana sees all sorts–dogs, cats, llamas, even snakes.