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Take One Single Gal, Add a BlackBerry, Lots of Booze

“Chick lit” books have been hot sellers, and now you can enjoy DC entries.

“Chick lit” books have been hot sellers, and now you can enjoy DC entries. Here’s who’s who:

  Dog Days
The Washingtonienne
Sammy’s Hill
Claim to fame: Dirty-talking blogger at Former Senate staffer fired for her sex blog Daughter of Al Gore
Prior writing experience:, Reason, Elle None Saturday Night Live and Futurama
Literary inspiration:  Dorothy Parker Jackie Collins Helen Fielding
Book’s heroine:  Melanie Thornton, a junior press staffer on a John Kerryesque presidential campaign Jacqueline Turner, a Senate staffer fired for her sex blog Samantha Joyce, a 26-year-old healthcare adviser to an Ohio senator
Basic plot: Melanie invents a fake sex-blog scandal to deflect attention from her own affair with a married reporter Sex-obsessed Jacqueline sleeps her way through Washington, racily detailing dalliances—some of whom pay her rent Highly neurotic Samantha juggles dysfunctional relationships, Capitol Hill, and a race for the White House
First line: “The champagne was cold and expensive.” “Just between us girls, Washington is an easy place to get laid.” “The party really started to rock when Willie Nelson and Queen Nefertiti began pouring shots.”
Bad-idea love interest:  Rick Stossel, a married political reporter Turner herself Senate speechwriter Aaron Driver
Fashion accessories: BlackBerry, Charles David sandals BlackBerry, Manolo Blahnik stilettos BlackBerry, in-line skates
DC hangouts: Russia House, Local 16 Smith Point, Lounge 201 Oval Room, Kelly’s Irish Times
Vices: Married men, gin Cocaine, Law & Order Drinking
Cameos: James Carville, Campbell Brown James Carville, George Stephanopoulos None readily identifiable.
Klutz moment: Melanie trips in the middle of a convention party Besides having a sex blog exposed? Samantha trips in the middle of a Senate hearing
Fridge contents: Styrofoam containers of spoiled takeout, Brita water Fiji water Pickles, soy sauce, root beer, Cool Whip, vodka
Sample steamy scene: [Melanie]: “ ‘Did you just quote Karl Rove to me?’ Rick began unbuttoning her shirt: ‘Turns you on, too, does it?’ ” “So that was my first date with Phillip. He got me a job, so I gave him one in return. And they both sucked.” “We made our clawing way back inside to his couch, where I spilled the rest of the champagne on my skirt.”
Sample review quote: “Cox has wit and sense. Occasionally she uses them.” “Nothing wrong with a narrator this shallow, but she should at least be funny.” “Fun, fast read.”
How we rate it (out of four): [2 1/2 stars] [1 star] [2 stars]


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