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25 Beautiful People: John Cecchi

Washington's most beautiful people.

John Cecchi, 31

Photograph by Matthew Worden

Real-estate developer Single

Where do you hang out? One of my best friends owns Maté, a sushi restaurant and lounge in Georgetown. I eat with him several times a week to catch up.

Describe your perfect day off. In the summer, it would be driving out to Middleburg and doing things in the country, like going to a polo match or the horseraces. Then I’d come back to the city and have a good meal with a bunch of friends at Cafe Milano.

Have you ever been approached by a modeling scout? I was asked to be on The Bachelor and The Apprentice, but I turned them down.

If a movie were made about you, who would star? Well, there’s the Vince Vaughn side of me when I joke around. But I would say Christian Bale, the guy from Batman Begins and American Psycho. I always get called out on that.

What’s your best feature? My smile.