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Tall Twins Spiking the Volleyball for AU

DC breaks down into numbers: five Metro lines, four quadrants, three branches of government, and now the world’s tallest female twins.

American University freshmen Ann and Claire Recht hold the title in the Guinness World Records, with Claire measuring six feet, seven-and-a-quarter inches and Ann at six foot, seven-and-a-half inches.

From Canby, Oregon—just outside Portland—the twins both received scholarships to play on AU’s volleyball team.

Their biggest struggle at American? The twins barely fit in the extra-long dorm beds, which measure 80 inches long.

“You have to be six-foot-four to get an extra-long bed,” Ann says. “Obviously we fit that requirement, but Claire got one and I didn’t. I’ve been calling and calling but haven’t gotten a new bed yet.”