Miu Kee

August 2004 Best of Falls Church

Miu Kee, inexpensive. While the word "kee" is the Chinese equivalent of apostrophe-s, the three restaurants on this list with Kee in their names share several attributes. All offer full menus of primarily Hong Kong-style Cantonese cooking, and all feature hanging roasted duck, chicken, and roast pig, described as "barbecued." They also offer soups with dumplings and wontons as well as congee, a sort of rice gruel with a topping of peanuts, bacon, or the like. They tend to be frequented by Chinese-Americans, and they stay open late.

At Miu Kee, an attractive place, the menu ranges from the Kee standards to such ambitious–and good–dishes as filet mignon served with onions on a hot plate; deep-fried spicy pork chops; and flounder fresh from the tanks and either steamed with ginger and scallions or served with the flesh stir-fried with snow peas and the skeleton deep-fried until all but the backbone is edible.

Miu Kee, 6653 Arlington Blvd.; 703-237-8884. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

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