Favorite Things: Farmer’s Popcorn Cobs

Pop goes the cob.
There might be better ways to pop popcorn, but none is as much fun as watching popcorn cobs puff and pop in the microwave. Photograph by Allison Dinner

Popcorn cobs are one of the best reasons to own a microwave. Ears of corn are air dried, kernels and all, then vacuum packed to keep a bit of moisture in. The cobs come with a paper or see-through cellophane sack. Place the cob in the sack, turn on the microwave, and a couple of minutes later you’ve got a bag of popcorn with a few popped kernels still on the cob. Tie five cobs together with a bit of raffia for a conversation-starter of a hostess gift.

Farmer’s Popcorn Cobs are available for $2.50 an ear at Periwinkle (3815 Livingston St., NW; 202-364-3076) or online at sunflowerfoodcompany.com. Big Red Popcorn, which comes with a clear bag so you can watch the corn pop, is available at bigredpopcorn.com.


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