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Wigs + Wednesday=Wine, Half-Priced

I have a black bob wig I've used as part of a costume the past couple of years for Halloween. It originally cost $25, and has come in very handy, seeing as I'm the sort of person who plans her Halloween costume, oh, approximately 4 hours in advance. Flapper? Spy? Lady in a black wig? Anything goes!

The rest of the year, though, the wig sits in the back of my closet, either gathering dust or occasionally freaking me out as I glimpse it and think it's some sort of creature. But now it can serve another purpose: getting me wine on the cheap! 

The last Wednesday of every month (which, for the attentive of you out there, is tomorrow), L'Enfant Cafe offers up a delicious premise: wear a wig to their cafe, and receive half-priced bottles of wine. All it'll cost you is a little bit of embarrassment (and frankly, after a bottle of wine, how much are you actually going to care?). As the restaurant says, "1. You bring the wig 2. We provide half-priced bottles of wine 3. Laughs are complimentary." 

Just ask blogger Molt Be, who said, "This evening was my first experience at wine and wig Wednesday at L'Enfant cafe and I can't say enough good things about the experience. Not only did I get to reuse my wig from the Idiotarod, I got half-price wine and French cuisine to boot."

Cafe L'Enfant is located at 2000 18th Street, NW, and you can call for reservations and more information at (202) 319-1800.