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The Lookout: Free Comic Books!

The Lookout gives you the heads up on the best events taking place around town. This weekend, it's free comic books for everybody!

Seems like comic books (and the pop culture they inspire) are all the rage these days–but if you're anything like me, the world of comic books is kind of an impenetrable one, and it's difficult to know where to start. What books should you read first? Which comics are important in the comic book canon? Why are the heroes so…brooding?

Well, all throughout this Saturday, May 5, you can dip your toe into the proverbial comic book waters by participating in Free Comic Book Day. The day is an annual event meant to draw in new readers to the wonderful world of comic books. Participating comic book stores will give away specially printed copies of free comic books; you can check out a list of the books being given away here. Additionally, many retailers give discounts on other items in their stores.

For comic book retailers near you, use the site's handy locater. And happy superhero reading!