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Don’t Forget: Eastern Market Fundraiser Tonight

Don't forget—this evening is the night that bars throughout the area will be showing support for the Eastern Market rebuilding effort. Tons of nightlife spots have agreed, through the Eastern Market Rescue, to donate 5% (and in some cases, more) of their Tuesday evening profits to the Capitol Hill Community Foundation.

Nearly 30 bars are participating in the city-wide fundraiser, and with the handy map over at the site, you have no excuse not to find a bar near you. Seriously, how much easier of a fundraiser could this be? You: go have, hopefully, several drinks. Eastern Market: receives money from your generous drinking. And if drinking's not your thing, some restaurants and other establishments are participating as well. So get on out there! Me? I'll be at Bourbon (2321 18th Street, NW), who's participating in the fundraiser from 6pm until 11pm. 

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