Things to Do

Our Pick for the Weekend: Concert Fun for the Whole Family

These United States play the Rock N Romp show. Photo by Kyle Gustafson.

Saturday, June 30: If you’re an indie-rock-loving parent who finds it hard to make it to shows because of the little one, don’t despair: Rock N Romp is here to save your summer. It’s a kid-friendly summer concert series that showcases local indie rock while letting the kids rock along with Mom and Dad. The volume is lowered, there are plenty of toys for kids to play with, and best of all, there are loads and loads of juice boxes—for everybody. This Saturday from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm, music acts These United States, Laura Gibson, and Casey Dienel will be playing at McGinty’s Public House in Silver Spring. (911 Ellsworth Drive). $5 for adults; kids under 12 are free, and adults must be accompanied by a child for admission.

There's lots more to do this weekend, including the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, a 25-person robed band in concert, and a weekend-long party of freakshow performances. Check it all out in our Where & When Weekend column.