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Think Fast­—What’s a Fun Night Out? Washington Improv Theater!

For something totally original, check out Washington Improv Theater (WIT), a nonprofit theater company that’s been making Washingtonians laugh since 1997. From September 13 through October 20, WIT performers will take the stage every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at either 8 or 9:30 at Flashpoint (916 G St., NW).

This fall’s lineup features WIT’s tried-and-true shows—including Caveat, Jackie, and Onesixtyone—and new ones such as Secrets (a one-man performance that weaves together stories of secrets and revelations) and Shrimp on the Barbie (a take on stereotypes). No two shows are the same, and each troupe brings its own signature style and sense of humor. Tickets cost $10 to $15 and can be purchased online here.

WIT specializes in long-form improv, meaning its shows are narrative-driven and tell complete stories. That means you won’t be prodded for ideas of things to eat, articles of clothing, and names of random Latin American countries; the performers steer clear of the game-like audience-participation format made famous on Whose Line Is It Anyway? At WIT, one suggestion is all it takes to get started—and that’s what makes each performance unique.

If you’re itching for musical comedy, check out WIT’s 45-minute production of iMusical: The Improvised Musical! With keyboard accompaniment by Chicago City Limits’ Travis Ploeger, this show combines classic comedic improvisation with musical ad-lib.

In addition to its performances, WIT offers eight-week evening improv classes starting September 17. These weekly classes accommodate a range of skill levels, from novice to expert. To to check out the schedule or register, click here.

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