Gillian Clark Hosts the Next Kliman Online

This Tuesday, October 23 at 11 AM, join the always funny, feisty Gillian Clark as she takes over the Kliman Online chat (wine and food editor Todd Kliman is on vacation in London, and you can ask him about his adventures in gastropubs and all things offal next Tuesday). 

Clark is the chef/owner of Colorado Kitchen in DC's Brightwood Park. If you've ever stopped into the urban dinette for say, a cornflake-coated pork chop or a plate of sherry-glazed veal cheeks, you've seen her: She's a constant presence in the open kitchen. So how did the chef–and single mother of two daughters–have time to write a memoir? Out of the Frying Pan came out earlier this month. What's the deal with her forthcoming second restaurant in Silver Spring? And what's the secret to those delicious pork chops (and that fabulous fried chicken…and those chocolate-glazed brunch doughnuts)? 

You can ask away this Tuesday. Click here to submit a question.