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Belly Up: Scott Mcintosh of the Big Hunt

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Scott Mcintosh of the Big Hunt. Photography courtesy of Carissa Craven.

Scott Mcintosh tends bar at the Big Hunt (1345 Connecticut NW), a popular Dupont Circle spot that sees a variety of patrons, from rowdy college kids to office drones looking for a solid happy hour. In the Belly Up interview he expounds on his favorite parts of bartending—and tells how to get his attention quickly.
How long have you been bartending at the Big Hunt? Where’d you tend bar before?

I’ve been at the Big Hunt for about two years.  Before that I bartended in Salt Lake City—that’s another story entirely—and in Rome, Georgia. I was in school in both cities.

What’s your favorite drink?

At the moment it’s Bulleit bourbon on the rocks.

Does the bar have a signature drink?

Our signature drink is probably whatever is fresh on tap at the moment.  We have 27 taps, so there’s always something to choose from.

Do you have any insights on the drinking habits and trends of Washingtonians?

People use their credit cards too much. Bring cash, people. I’m not gonna run your card six times for six beers.

How did you get into bartending?

When I was in school in Georgia, it was really the only way to make a decent amount of cash. So I lied and told this little bar that I had been bartending for a couple years. Lying is much more effective than going to bartending school.

What do you like most about the job? Worst?

I love the flexibility, the people I work with, making cash every night. I hate the sense of entitlement people have. Tips for bargoers trying to get my attention: Don’t snap, clap, or smack the bar. Don’t yell. Don’t wave your credit card in my face. And please, please, please—when it’s your turn, have your order ready and money in hand. Nothing is going to get you skipped over more quickly than jumping up and down for five minutes and then not knowing what you want.

What’s the weirdest drink you ever had ordered?

There are a few shots around now that are cream/Goldschlager based. Weird and vomit-inducing, if you ask me.

You used to tend bar at the Palace of Wonders, well-known for the freak-show acts it features. What was the craziest thing you ever saw?

It’s funny—after seeing a few shows, and working alongside a sword swallower, it’s difficult to be shocked. My favorite, which came on my last night there, was the Coney Island sideshow. They are great people and great performers.

When do you bartend?

Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday nights.