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Buzzed: Green Dragon at Topaz Bar

Buzzed is a new feature where we scout out Washington’s most interesting drinks. This week: An oh-so-Zen martini made with green-tea liqueur.

The Green Dragon

The spot: Topaz Bar, 1733 N St., NW; 202-393-3000.

The drink: Green Dragon, a blend of Bols green-tea liqueur, Bacardi Limón, and tropical-citrus vitamin water (the yellow kind). Served with a green-tea bag. Officially available November 1, but head bartender Chris Silva will happily mix it now.

The price: $10.

First impression
: The first sip washes away any skepticism over the green-tea liqueur. 

Last impression: Twisted Tea? Not a chance. Topaz’s take on the tea-plus-liquor equation is more sophisticated, more complicated, and drinkable (even if it doesn't look it). The tea and Bacardi go together like JLo and Ben circa 2002: You can’t separate one from the other. 

Not a tea drinker? Try the Satori, a mix of puréed carrot, orange juice, Jack Daniel’s, triple sec, and a squeeze of lime—also available now by request and on the menu November 1. Report back on what you think.