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Buzzed: The Betty at Park at Fourteenth

Buzzed is a new feature where we scout out Washington’s most interesting drinks. This week: A fizzy, fruity concoction that falls flat.

The spot: The brand-new Park at Fourteenth, 920 14th St., NW; 202-737-7275.

The drink: The Betty, a mix of Belvedere, agave nectar, lemon, and pomegranate juice topped with two massive blackberries and a dash of Champagne.

The price: $12.

First impression: The ripe blackberries make a stunning visual impression, but at first sip, this drink somehow manages to be cloyingly sweet with a bit of a sour aftertaste. Maybe an overdose on the lemons?

Last impression: Not as presidential as it clearly aspires to be. (Several of the Park’s specialty cocktails are named after first ladies, though you have to wonder why anybody would name an alcoholic concoction after Betty Ford. The bartender unconvincingly made the case that it was because it’s the Park’s “healthiest drink, with all that juice in there.”) Too frothy, too sweet, and way too much ice.

Grade: C plus.

The Betty didn’t win our hearts and minds, but you can always try several of the Park’s other specialty cocktails, ranging from $8 to $15. The lounge and restaurant, which officially opens on November 12, lists more drinks at its Web site,