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He’s Got Style: André Wells

10 men who like fine clothing and know what looks good on them talk about where they shop, labels they love, fashion tips, and what they splurge on—including one man’s 3,000 ties.

Photograph by Ron Aira.

André Wells, 37
Event planner, Events by André Wells

How would you describe your style?

I love well-made, tailored, classic clothing. But because of what I do, I can add a little twist. I might have on a Brioni suit, but I’ll wear it with a green polka-dot tie and a light-green shirt.

Favorite designers?

Zegna for suits. Gucci—80 percent of my shoes are Gucci. I like Armani, Hickey Freeman, Brioni, Ralph Lauren.

Is there a type of item you splurge on?

I collect cuff links—I probably have close to a hundred pairs. I wear French-cuff shirts even when I’m just wearing slacks.

Do you have a favorite pair of cuff links?

I have these big, beautiful gold coins that I love. Then I have ones that look like strawberries. I have so many favorites. My wife gave me a beautiful pair by David Yurman—I love those.

Favorite places to shop in Washington?

I live in Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. I love Gucci. For casual, I like Ralph Lauren.

Favorite item in your closet?

Two velvet blazers that I got from Neiman’s last season. They are very versatile—I can wear them with jeans. And my grey Zegna suit.