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Sidewalk Style: Samantha Sault

Welcome to Sidewalk Style, our new feature where we photograph stylish people on the street and ask them about their fashion tips and ideas. This week we stopped Samantha Sault when her coat caught our eye. Sidewalk Style is written by Rachel Cothran of t

We captured Samantha Sault, 22, for Sidewalk Style.

Samantha Sault, 22
Editorial assistant at the Weekly Standard

What she’s wearing:
“A Juicy Couture coat, a Nine West faux-croco bag, and Nordstrom B.P. patent pumps purchased online with the most comfortable 3½-inch heels ever. Every professional DC girl should buy them. “

Where do you like to shop?
“My newest favorite store is Bloomingdale’s in Chevy Chase. I can always find something there—which is good and bad! My favorite stores change every season, depending what catches my eye.”

How do you approach style?
“I only buy unique, structured pieces that I fall in love with, like this coat. I like to wear clothes that make me feel put together and confident—usually dresses and heels—and I’m usually overdressed! And I say you can never go wrong channeling Jackie O’s style, from any decade.”

How was your Thanksgiving?
“My family’s Thanksgiving is usually quiet and relaxing, but that’s what I love about it. I spent time with my parents and brother, eating lots of food, watching movies, and playing Christmas music nonstop. I also spent lots of time in my old high-school sweats. Aside from my dad’s stuffing and my mom’s pumpkin pie, I love Thanksgiving because it is the kickoff of five weeks of Christmas lights and red Starbucks cups everywhere!”

Rachel says:
I love outerwear with some personality—winter is drab enough as it is. This coat’s slightly empire-waist styling suits Samantha’s petite frame perfectly.