Wedding Cake Chat with Leslie Goldman-Poyourow, Thursday, February 7 at 11 AM

Planning a wedding? Have questions about the cake? Thursday, February 7, we'll continue our weekly online wedding chats by bringing in Leslie Goldman-Poyourow of Fancy Cakes by Leslie. Submit your questions now.

Leslie Goldman-Poyourow of Fancy Cakes by Leslie was featured on The Food Network's Ace of Cakes twice last year. She studied business at the University of Maryland before starting Fancy Cakes by Leslie 12 years ago and has a slew of impressive titles under her apron, including winner of the Today show’s wedding-cake contest in 2005. She designs a one-of-a-kind cake for every occasion—anything from the traditional (tiers and flowers) to the quirky, such as a Redskins-beer-cooler replica. But no matter what dessert you’re dreaming of for your wedding (big cake, small cake, no cake), she’s happy to answer your questions about it.That's all the time Leslie has for today, but thanks to everyone for such great questions!

Washington, D.C.
I really want a cheesecake as my wedding cake, but my finance doesn't think that this is a cake that will please everyone. Do you have any suggestions?
Cheese cake doesn't hold for many hours and the cake may be out for 6 or more hours. I would do a fake cake with an insert in the bottom tier with the cake of your choice for your cake cutting and then have a cheese cake sheet in the back. You can also do cheese cake and some other flavors too so that your guests have a choice.
Bethesda, MD
what is the most popular flavor of cake for weddings? I say vanilla, but my fiance says chocolate.
The most popular is bridal white cake.
High Point, NC
I've heard that fondant doesn't taste very good but it makes for a really nice looking cake. Would the cake we served be different than the display cake so we could use a different icing? I want a cake that tastes as great as it looks!
 If you go to a good baker you can get white chocolate fondant, which is delicious.
Arlington, VA
My baking friend is making the cake for our wedding, but I'm wondering about the timing. Should she finish it the day before? The day of? And we have to drive about three hours to our wedding destination – what's the best way to transport it? Where's the best place to store it?
She should finish the day before and keep it refrigerated before the drive. A van or SUV will work.
Arlington, VA
I'm from the West Coast originally, but my fiance is from the South. He wants a grooms cake, but I don't know much about them. Is that a Southern tradition? Do most people get them? And if I get it from the same baker that does the regular cake, can I ask for a discount?
Groom's cakes started in the south.  I would say that 25% of my brides order grooms cakes.  In regards to pricing when you ask for a discount, a groom's cake usually takes a higher skill level and more time to create than your bridal cake!
Evanston, IL
What's the craziest cake request you've ever gotten? Would it be possible to make a cake shaped like a s'more that tastes like s'mores?
I would say a cake that I made with pots and pans, fish and noodles .  It was cute.  And a cake could be made to look like a smore.  The cake inside couldn't be hot but I could use some of the same elements that make up a smore.
Washington, DC
My friend really, really wants to have a Funfetti cake for her wedding. You know, the colorful Pillsbury mix? Have you ever accommodated a request like this?! Would you?
i just go a request for a funfetti cake .  I plan on using my white cake recipe and adding the funfetti into it.  I will taste better than a store bought cake but have the same elements that the bride is looking for .
alexandria, va
we are holding our reception at a restaurant, so dessert from their menu is included in the meal. is it possible to get just a small cake to cut for ceremonial purposes, and then not serve it? have you ever seen anyone do this?
I will say that I would only do that if you are on the tightest budget.  Mosts guests expect a piece of wedding cake and you don't want the cake to look too small for the size of your event.  Get a complimentary desert to the cake   such as fruit or ice cream.
Washington, DC
I've seen some couples opt for a cupcake tower instead of a cake. Is that something you would recommend and does the size of the affair make a difference?
The decision to go with cupcakes is a personal choice.  Keep in mind it is not always less expensive in order for it to be done and look beautiful and not like a childs party cup cake tree.
Glover Park, DC
My fiance and I would like to do a brunch reception. I may do a cake (or maybe cupcakes) — are there any sorts of styles or flavors that are particularly apt? Something other than a classic cake would be fine, too, although I like the idea of using the dessert as part of the decor as cakes generally are. A fruit tart has been suggested, but it doesn't really excite me. If it's relevant, we'll be having under 30 guests. Thanks!
I would still do a beautiful bridal cake.
Washington, DC
I am very much interested in knowing what the cutting edge trends in cake design and taste are. What are these trends?
The trend is away from traditional design.  Clean lines with fondant is very popular.  Colorful cakes are popular too.  In terms of flavor .  Always stick with what you and your groom love.  It's your party.
Washington, DC
I'm from Ohio and it seems like everyone there will have a cake but an even bigger cookie table in which guests can bring bagfuls of cookies home. What is the trend for DC metro area weddings?
We don't do cookie tables , but it sounds delicious.  Feel free to do what you want for deserts.  Keep it personal and fun.
Washington DC
I've heard that using real instead of sugar flowers on your cake is a good way to save money. For example, ordering a plain white cake and having your florist place a "cake topper" that matches the rest of your flowers on top. Is this something you would suggest?
Sugarflowers only cost more when you are wants lots of them on your cake.  If you are doing only a topper the cost should be close to the same. 
washington, dc
I think it would be really romantic to save a slice of our wedding cake for our first anniversary. Can this really be done? Do I just leave it in the freezer? What do I wrap it in?
Most bakers provide a box for the top of the cake.  I suggest that you get the cake into a freezer ASAP to insure that it remains some what fresh.  Wrap it in plastic and aluminum foil. 
Bethesda, MD
What is involved getting the cake transported from the bakery to the reception location?
I move the cakes in a van.  The cake sits on foam to absorb the bumps.  
Evanston, IL
Hi, thanks for you answer about the s'more cake. If the cake couldn't be hot, would there be a way to make a hot sauce or pudding to serve on top of the cake? Like marshmallow and chocolate flavored hot pudding with a graham cracker topping?
I would talk to your caterer about your idea.  I don't think it would be that difficult for them to pull it  off for you.
Washington, DC
How long does it take to design and bake a wedding cake? How far in advance should I order?
The process of doing a wedding cake soup to nuts…..taking the order , baking , cleaning and delivering etc.  is at least a  12 hour process in total.  In regards to ordering 3-6 mos out is good.
Arlington, VA
Is an ice cream wedding cake feasible? I love ice cream more than anything, so to me, it would be worth it to not have the cake out for viewing during the beginning of the reception. Bringing it out right before it would be cut would be just fine. Do people ever do that? Are there bakeries that do ice cream cakes? Or would a better bet be an ice cream sundae station instead of a cake?
I love icecream too. Unfortunately it would only work if you had an outside wedding in Alaska.  What I would consider doing a fake cake then buy icecream cake in sheets from your favorite shop. The caterer can cut it at the last minute and serve it to your very surprised guests.
Alexandria, VA
I don't really like buttercream frosting, but it seems to be usually used on wedding cakes. What other kinds could you put on a cake?
We make real buttercream from scratch.  It is a European recipe that is not too sweet and is a cooked icing.  Feel free to come in and try it.  An alternative is if you like chocolate is to do a chocolate ganache icing as your filling .
Washington, DC
I love carrot cake but my friends have been saying I shouldn't choose it for my wedding cake because a lot of people don't like it. Has that been your experience? Do you do a lot of carrot cake wedding cakes, or do people seem to shy away from that flavor?
There are a few options.  Do more that one flavor in your cake.  For example 1/2 carrot and 1/2 chocolate cake or just do the bottom tier that you cut  carrot.  Another way to do it is make the top that you keep carrot or keep your flavor more traditional and have your baker make you a tiny carrot cake for you and the groomseparate from the bridal cake.
Washington, DC
I'm allergic to gluten. I've made small gluten free cakes before, but is there a way to make a gluten free wedding cake? Or should I do a traditional cake with a small gluten free cake that I can eat a slice of?
I suggest making a traditional cake for your guests and do a side cake for you gluten free.
High Point, NC
White chocolate fondant sounds really good. Can you do milk chocolate fondant too?
You can do milk chocolate too but your exterior would have to be brown.
Gaithersburg, MD
I want to do a creative cake topper. Have you ever done any unique ones? What were they?
We make sugar toppers all the time.  Think of it like clay… you can make anything out of it…any color  or design.  One couple had me make a bride and groom in scuba gear.  It was very cute
Washington, DC
This is sort of silly, but my fiance and I have a thing about Twinkies. We'd love to incorporate it into our wedding, but we want to do something more fun than just having a bunch of them sitting on the dessert table or something. Any ideas?
I would do your traditional wedding cake and then do a twinkie groom's cake or beautifully bag a twinkie for each guest to take home .