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Rewind: Running of the Brides

Rewind gives you the scoop on great events you may have missed. At Filene's basement on August 3, madness ensued at the Running of the Brides.

There's nothing like the "Running of the Brides." Once a year, Filene's Basement transforms into a feeding frenzy for cheap designer wedding gowns. The event technically begins at 8 AM, when doors open to streams of brides and helping friends and family members. However, many people line up outside in the wee hours of the night.The sale is held around the country; It took place here on August 3.  A few days earlier, Filene's spokesperson Pat Boudrot said that she'd already received 150 e-mails asking for tips.  She expected roughly 500 people to show up.  

But amongst the pandemonium, there is organization.  The brides and their teams often don matching t-shirts. Boudrot's also seen people carrying walkie talkies and bells.

"In Chicago last year, a bride sent a powerpoint presentation to her whole team. They had to print it and study it and then had a meeting," she says.

No one would admit to that tactic here. But, craziness certainly did ensue. Here are a few snapshots. Want to see more photos from Washington events and parties? Click here for's photo slideshow page.