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Menu: Makoto

4822 MacArthur Blvd., NW; 202-298-6866

Dinner Course      $60

      The menu changes daily by the chef with his imagination and fresh materials. The menu is made with EIGHT or TEN courses, it may have any of the following: KOBACHI, KUCHIGAWARI, NIMONO, TSUKURI, SUNOMONO, YAKIMONO, SUSHI, NABE, SOBA, and DESSERT.

Please do not ask us for any substitution in the DINNER COURSE except for TSUKURI.

You may also order a special TSUKURI.

    Tuna only                            $10

    Fatty tuna or fatty yellowtail    $15

    Assortment sashimi                From $25


KOBACHI        Simply means small appetizer. There are several kinds, including seafood, vegetable, and meat. $5

TSUKURI         Slices of raw fish.  From $30

NIMONO          Cooked with richly flavored broth.  From $8

KUCHIGAWARI Different appetizers on one plate.  From $10

SUNOMONO     Vinegared salad.  From $5

SUIMONO        Clear soup.  $5.

YAKIMONO      Grilled fish or steak.

                       Orange roughy lightly flavored with miso paste.  $16

                       Yellowtail lightly flavored with soy sauce.  $16

                       Salmon lightly salted.  $10

                       Tenderloin beef steak.  $18

NABE             Like stew.  From $30 

SOBA             Buckwheat noodle soup with topping.  $5

                       Wild vegetable. Seaweed. Mushroom. Grated radish. Grated yam potato. Fermented soy bean. 

SUSHI            Raw fish on seasoned rice.

DESSERT        Housemade sherbet.  $5