Things to Do

Think Fast—Washington Improv Theater Holds Intro Workshops

“What are you doing?”

“I’m brushing my teeth. What are you doing?”

“I’m climbing Mount Everest. What are you doing?

“I’m attending Washington Improv Theater’s free improv workshops. What are you doing?”


It’s true. Washington Improv Theater is holding free “Intro to Improv” workshops Monday, March 24, through Thursday, March 26, for those who’d like to test the waters of the improvisational world. The games begin at 7 each evening and last two hours. As the theater puts it, “Improv helps you get out of those bad situations and into awesome ones.” It also shows you speaking and acting skills for daily life.

Workshops will begin with an overview of terms as well as creativity/listening warm-ups. Then they’ll move into games such as spontaneous storytelling, in which participants stand in a line and try to string together a coherent narrative, with each person adding one word. The second half of the workshop will engage participants in spontaneous scene work.

Managing director Topher Bellavia says, “If you can hold a conversation, you should be able to participate.”

Who knows? You might find yourself dying by toaster, speaking only in questions, or climbing Mount Everest.

For more information, call 202-315-1314 or e-mail The Monday workshop is full, and Wednesday has two slots left.