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Flashback brings you up to speed with the buzz and latest news on all things arts and entertainment you may have missed during the weekend.

This should get you to read our post. Photograph courtesy of Showtime.

Two days after telling New York magazine that the European leg of her tour was canceled and that her performance at the MoMa’s 40th annual benefit would be her last show in a while, M.I.A. took the stage at Bonnaroo and told the audience that, well, that was her last show—for good. Or maybe not. It’s all very confusing, really. Kind of like M.I.A. wardrobe choices.

There just might be hope for us yet! Turns out America loves a whore. At least according to’s I Like to Watch columnist Heather Havrilesky, who writes about the new Showtime show Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

M. Night Shyamalan’s lethal trees (oh, shut up! Like you didn’t know of The Happening’s twist already) got squashed to bits by the greener, meaner Hulk at the box office this weekend. But it was Cristopher Orr’s review of the film for The New Republic that truly reduced Shyamalan’s film to sawdust.

The Washington Post ran a piece on the “browning of Broadway” just as Entertainment Weekly tells us there are virtually no minorities on television. According to the Post, Broadway’s changing racial dynamics are, most likely, motivated by money—the more people see themselves reflected on stage, the likelier they are to purchase a ticket. With ratings for even hit shows down this season and a ho-hum fall lineup of shows, perhaps it’d be wise for TV executives to take a cue from Broadway.

In honor of Fathers Day, the Los Angeles Times had a roundup of some of the more memorable fathers and sons on film. had a similar roundup, except theirs was of the baddest. meanest daddies seen on the screen. Funny, there was plenty of overlap.

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