Wedding Hair and Makeup Chat with Amanda Moran, Thursday, September 18 at 11 AM

Washington DC
How do you keep your hair on your special day looking like something fresh out of a humid soggy dance club on a drag queens head? Frances

The best way on a humid day is to not use too many products.  Enough to make it hold but you don't want to make it to where it will weigh it down.  Also be sure to re-think your style if it is a lot of curls. 


Arlington, VA
Hi Amanda, I'm getting married September 19, 2009 – so I'm hoping the fall weather will kick in a bit because I have hair that will become the main of a lion if humidity hits. My wedding ceremony will be outdoors while the reception will be inside. My question to you is – what does a girl with long hair (hits to my mid back) do if humidity hits? I've tried products and they don't work…would it be best to wear it up? or is there something my stylist can do so we can put it down with long curls?
I would recommend you re-think your style.  You don't want to look at your pictures and regret that it was a hot day and it didn't look the way you wanted it to look. 
Arlington, VA
What are some tricks to make a person's normal make-up routine look as if it was done by a professional?
I think finding a make-up artist that can go through it very throughly with you to ensure you are comfortable with your look the day of your wedding.  Make-up is tricky and we all like a certain look.  Most brides like a natural look on their wedding day.  If this isn't in your budget I would recommend you at least have a make-up artist provide a lesson for you.  
Lansdowne, Va
How do I look natural yet not washed ot in my photos?
A good make-up artist can be sure you look your best and not washed out in your photos.  However I recommend a good bronzer and a nice blush.  Bronzer should be put in your T zone as well as your cheek bones.  I would follow it with a nice blush in the apples of your cheeks.
Herndon, Va
Is ther such a thing as too much eye make up?
Yes there is such thing as too much make-up.  There is an art to doing a natural look. A professional make-up artist should be able to assess what look is best for you.  It is important you maintain a good comfort level with your make-up artist so you can tell him/her your feelings as to whether your eye make-up is too light or too dark. Usually the eye make-up should be done in stages.  This will help your comfort level as well.  You can always ad make-up.  Taking it off is more of a pain.
Centreville, Va
Should the mother of the bride go wiht the same make up as the wedding girls?
Yes the mother of the bride should go with the same make-up. i believe that consistency is the key when it comes to your photos.  A good make-up artist should be able to do any kind of make-up.  
Vienna va
Is there a limit on how much make up I should wear?
There is no limit.  I believe that make-up goes with your personality.  If you like dramatic, go for it!  Just be sure your make-up is photo ready.   You don't want to look back and regret anything.  
Arlington, Va
I'm planning a green wedding. How can my makeup be eco-friendly? Thanks!
A green wedding the only make-up out there as of now that is green friendly is Jane iredale.  This line is pure mineral.  It has been written up as green friendly as well. 
Washington, DC
What's the current trend in hair – updo's or down?
The trend I am seeing as well as doing a lot of is very loose and elegant whether it be down or up. I am not seeing anything too tight this year.  I have been doing either something half up with a nice loose look to it or up with lots of texture and movement.
Washington, DC
I'm typically a person who doesn't wear a lot of makeup. How do I avoid looking all fake for my big day?
A good make-up artist should help your achieve that look.  Even if you never wear make-up, you will want to wear it for your big day.  This will help in photographs.  
Atlanta, GA
I'm having a traditional Catholic wedding at 2pm and then a traditional Indian wedding at 430. I would like to change my hair and make-up so there is a difference in looks for each wedding. Do you have any suggestions for my hair? For make-up I see myself doing a simpler, cleaner look for the Catholic wedding and an "evening" look for the Indian wedding. What are your thoughts?
Those looks are easy to change since you are starting lighter.  I would think of getting a hair/make-up team to help change your looks. You don't want to stress out. I would definitely do clean and simple for your catholic wedding. For your Indian wedding i would recommend you go for more of an evening look, a little more dramatic. 
Arlington, VA
Ok, so I'm growing my hair out for my wedding next Spring. I know you're supposed to get it trimmed to keep it healthy, but I don't want an inch cut off every few months for a trim. What do you suggest?
Yes, I completely understand how frustrating that can be.  I would definitely say to be sure you have a good relationship with your stylist to let them know you are serious about growing your hair out.  I would also recommend that you use good shampoo/conditioner.  I think a trim every 2-3 months should be fine.  I always tell brides, there are so many events that take place up until your big day that you want to be sure your hair looks decent with some style to it.  A good stylist should be able to help you achieve that look as well as point you in the right direction of good products.  Good products are worth the money.  
How much should I expect to pay for Hair and Make-Up, if I want a professional like you? Christine C
I would say your look is most important on your big day along with your photographer, you are going to look at your pictures the rest of your life.  A professional make-up artist usually starts at $150 and up for the bride and usually $85 and up for each girl.  It really makes a huge difference in your pictures to have a professional do your make-up for so many reasons.  To some brides they are on a tight budget but I always say, it's how you look and feel on your big day and I feel it's the one thing you should really keep in your budget.  
washington dc
Mandy would you recommend Allmay or Wet n' Wild products?
Both products have products that may work well for your look.  However, I wouldn't recommend one vs. the other.  I think you could find one or two things from each line.  A good make-up artist has a little of everything in their kit. 
Falls Church, VA
My hair is very fine and long, but I like a lot of volume. Sometimes I use hot rollers, but still, my hair can lose the curl/body within a short amount of time. What brand/type of hair spray or product do you think is best for my hair type?
The fine hair battle. Believe it or not I have found with many years of working with different hair textures, fine can be challenging. We all want volume.  Less is more when it comes to fine hair.  I would get a medium hold hairspray such as Rusk Weightless and a root boost that will create volume in your roots such as Big Sexy Hair. The best way to get curls to hold is to set them and be sure to spray your hair as you set it. Let it set for a bit and then pull your rollers out.  If you are curling it try getting setting it into a pin curl style. The longer you can keep it set the longer your curls can stay.  I know fine hair can be a pain but thats the best advice unless you decide to go for extensions which can create volume. 
Herndon, VA
Hi Amanda! I've heard the term "smokey eyes" before. How do you create that look?

Smokey eyes are very pretty on the right person. Blending is the trick. You don't want to look like you have a black eye.  The look can be difficult to do on yourself unless you have a make-up artist show you. Good brushes are the key to doing the smoky eye.  If you are putting shadow in the corners a stiffer brush would be the way.  You would follow that by blending it with a bigger brush.  The bigger the brush the less pigment, the stiffer the brush the more pigment you get.  This is a tough one to explain online.  I would have a make-up artist show you.  I hope I helped at least a little!! 


Thanks to everyone who wrote in with your questions.  I hoped I answered all of them for you.  I wish you all well on your big day!!  Feel free to email me at with any other questions you may have.