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Overlooked: The Best Missed Connections of the Week

Every Friday, for some fun reading, we bring you the area’s best Missed Connections on Craigslist.

This week, our good friend Craig has brought us a nice mixed bag of potential love connections—from a dog attack years ago to daily encounters on Capitol Hill—and one marriage disintegrating for all of us to see. Yikes.Wow this is an old one, woman bit by dog in Ballston in the AM – m4w – 34 (Ballston)
Reply to: [?]Date: 2008-09-23, 5:46PM EDT

One morning a few years back I was walking to work with a big straw hat on. A dog attacked the young lady in front of me and I kicked him off of her. I wish I had more time to get her number but if your reading this reply back and let me know 🙂

your personal knight
        * Location: Ballston

A few years back?! And you are still thinking about this?

Bald, Cute, & Kind!! – m4m – 28 (Logan/Shaw)
Reply to: [?]Date: 2008-09-24, 7:51PM EDT

I saw you helping an elderly woman with her broken wheelchair and I ran over to help but like an idiot, you were done helping her across the street by the time I got there so I faked it and kept walking. You looked over at me and smiled and I smiled back; wish I had done more than that.

You – rimless glasses, thick red stubble, wearing black shorts and a shirt that said “you are what you eat”, walking a cute mutt.

Me – short black hair, shirtless with turtle tat on chest, a big grin.

Hit me up if you remember me and what color shorts i was wearing.
        * Location: Logan/Shaw

Well, I actually saw two shirtless men with turtle tattoos on their chest that day. Which one were you?

RE: Gorgeous Redhead on orange line this morning – m4w – 31 (DC) – w4m – 22 (DC)
Reply to: [?]Date: 2008-09-24, 11:14AM EDT

More detail please? I can’t be the only redhead who takes the orange line to work.

You wrote:

I looked up from reading my paper this morning, and we locked eyes for a second. I had to spend the rest of my commute trying my best not to stare, and as you know, I wasn’t very successful. I’d love to hear from you… maybe we can get some coffee this afternoon?
        * Location: DC

In case you readers are confused, this is a girl responding to a guy’s post. Could this be a Missed Connections success story in the making?

Each Morning In Front of the Supreme Court Building – w4m – 22 (capitol hill)
Reply to: [?]Date: 2008-09-24, 9:21AM EDT

Almost everyday I pass you near the Library of Congress, or the Supreme Court, near the capitol. You’re tall, handsome, and seem nice. (What some might refer to as a magnolia…)

I have short hair (much like Katie Holmes, people tell me) long eyelashes and a mischievous smile.

I don’t want to seem forward so I’ve never said more than “hi” when we pass. But what I really want to know is “Are you single? Are you a republican? What is your current salary? And, do you want to get dinner sometime? Nothing serious…”

I have often thought about pretending to trip and drop my bag in front of you, so that we could start a conversation while gathering my belongings spilled out on the sidewalk. But missed connections seemed less risky.

Because really, who in the world really reads these things? On the off chance that you do, you should stop and say hi the next time we pass on the street. It would make my day. And it would probably end up making yours, too.
    * Location: capitol hill

Yeah…Who reads these things anyway? I DO! And I recommend the tripping technique. Tell me how it goes!

Cutie at 5 Guys – w4m – 20 (5 Guys)
Reply to: [?]Date: 2008-09-23, 9:09PM EDT

You – Gray shirt (was it short or long sleeve?) Black flip flops (where were they from?) black socks too!!! Cute black pin strip shorts and a hat (what color?)

Me – Light green PJ bottoms (were they long or shorts?) Blue shirt but you could barely see it I bet because I had a northface jacket on (what color?) And dark brown hair.

You were one number before me! I wanted to chat but I figured if you wanted to chat you would have said hi after I sat down next to you. Now I am wishing I would have said hi!

You drive a truck…

Answer the questions, above, to prove who you are and I hope you’ll respond. I wonder if this even works… I doubt it does… prove me wrong?
        * Location: 5 Guys

First of all, black socks with flip-flops?! Really? Second of all, are you giving this guy a quiz? Do you really expect him to answer all of these questions? Geez…

tired of your loose words – w4m – 26 (arlington )
Reply to: [?]Date: 2008-09-24, 3:32PM EDT

Dearest J,
you have been a husband to me for almost a year now and I can truly say I am not happy anymore. I have repeatedly given you so many chances and now I feel I can no longer stay by your side. It is finally becoming clear that all the things you have promised are not being kept- and I am tired.
        * Location: arlington

You know your marriage is falling apart when… you are communicating via Craigslist Missed Connections.