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100 Best Restaurants in Washington, DC

No. 1: Komi (Dupont Circle)

No. 2: Citronelle (Georgetown)

No. 3: Minibar (Penn Quarter)

No. 4: Cityzen (Southwest)

No. 5: Palena and Palena Cafe (Cleveland Park)

No. 7: Vidalia (Dupont Circle)

No. 9: Oval Room (Downtown)

No. 10: The Source (Penn Quarter )

No. 11: BLT Steak (Downtown)

No. 12: Kinkead’s (Foggy Bottom)

No. 13: Central Michel Richard (Penn Quarter)

No. 16: Bourbon Steak (Georgetown)

No. 17: Marcel’s (Foggy Bottom)

No. 18: Rasika (Penn Quarter)

No. 19: Corduroy (Shaw)

No. 21: Teatro Goldoni (Downtown)

No. 22: Bistro Bis (Capitol Hill)

No. 23: Tosca (Downtown) 

No. 24: Obelisk (Dupont Circle)

No. 27: Poste (Chinatown)

No. 29: Sushi-Ko (Georgetown)

No. 30: 2 Amys (Cleveland Park)

No. 32: Cafe du Parc (Downtown)

No. 34: Mendocino Grille and Wine Bar (Georgetown)

No. 35: Westend Bistro (Georgetown) 

No. 36: Makoto (Palisades)

No. 37: Zaytinya (Chinatown)

No. 39: Johnny’s Half Shell (Capitol Hill)

No. 40: Buck’s Fishing and Camping (Cleveland Park)

No. 41: Charlie Palmer Steak (Capitol Hill)

No. 42: Blue Duck Tavern (Foggy Bottom)

No. 43: Le Paradou (Penn Quarter)

No. 44: Taberna del Alabardero (Downtown)

No. 45: 1789 (Georgetown)

No. 46: Jaleo (Chinatown)

No. 48: Montmartre (Capitol Hill)

No. 50: Cork (Logan Circle)

No. 53: Mourayo (Dupont Circle)

No. 55: Dino (Cleveland Park)

No. 56: Mio (Downtown)

No. 57: Prime Rib (Downtown)

No. 59: Proof (Chinatown)

No. 61: Brasserie Beck (Downtown)

No. 63: Leopold’s Kafe & Konditorei (Georgetown)

No. 64: Oyamel (Penn Quarter)

No. 65: Cashion’s Eat Place (Adams Morgan)

No. 69: PS7’s (Chinatown)

No. 70: Cafe Atlantico (Penn Quarter)

No. 71: Adour (Downtown)

No. 72: Equinox (Downtown)

No. 74: Locanda (Capitol Hill)

No. 75: BlackSalt (Palisades) 

No. 77: Art and Soul (Capitol Hill)

No. 79: Hook (Georgetown)

No. 80: Etete (U Street)

No. 81: Comet Ping Pong (Cleveland Park)

No. 82: La Chaumiere (Georgetown)

No. 83: Pete’s Apizza (Columbia Heights)

No. 86: Hank’s Oyster Bar (Dupont Circle)

No. 89: Kaz Sushi Bistro (Foggy Bottom)

No. 92: Circle Bistro (Foggy Bottom)

No. 94: DC Coast (Downtown)

No. 96: Founding Farmers (Downtown)

No. 97: Surfside (Glover Park)

No. 98: Acadiana (Penn Quarter)

No. 100: Marvin (U Street) 

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