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Cherry Blossom Cocktails

Mie N Yu’s Cherry Blossom cocktail. Photograph courtesy of Mie N Yu.

Cherry-blossom madness is about to hit town, and everyone—including some of our favorite bartenders—is getting into it. Check out our guide to cherry-blossom-inspired drinks around Washington. 

The Bourbon Blossom, made with Knob Creek bourbon, sweet vermouth, and house-made Cherry Blossom syrup is $12. The cocktail is garnished with a stemmed cherry.

Art and Soul
Art Smith's restaurant is serving the Cherry Blossom ($10), made with St. Germain elderflower liqueur, cherry reduction, orange bitters and Lucien Albrecht Brut rose.

Arlington’s Domaso has the Bubbly Blossom cocktail, made with Prosecco and Campari, for $11.

Equinox has three cocktails: the Cherry Rum & Cola; the Cherry Pie, made with vanilla-infused vodka, white-chocolate liqueur, and Maraschino cherry juice; and the Cherry Sphere, a combination of sweet vermouth and cherry-infused vodka. All are $10.

Alice Gaber has an assortment of drinks: the Spring in Bloom, made with cherry vodka, elderflower liqueur, white wine, and grapefruit ($12.50); the Cherry Bomb, which incorporates cherry brandy with sparkling wine ($12.50); and a drink based on Bing cherries, which Gaber is putting the finishing touches on. Also available during the Cherry Blossom Festival is the Smuttynose Hanami Ale, made with cherry juice ($6).

Founding Farmers
Jon Arroyo's Washington's Bing Delight cocktail ($12) is a blend of organic vodka, peach extract, Prosecco and brandied cherries.

The Gibson
The Japanese Cocktail—made with angostura bitters, brandy, and orgeat, a syrup made of almonds, sugar, and orange-flower water—ranges from $10 to $14 depending on the brandy.

At this spot in DC’s West End, the Hudson Sakura cocktail has Skyy Infusions cherry vodka as its base, with agave nectar, Cointreau, and pineapple sorbet ($14).

Ici Urban Bistro
The Cherrilicious Cocktail, a mix of Heering cherry liqueur, rum, simple syrup, and lemon juice and topped with sparkling vodka, will be available at this downtown DC restaurant for $14.

Jackson 20
The Bloom cocktail at this Old Town restaurant is made with Maker’s Mark bourbon, elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, guava nectar, Heering cherry liqueur, and muddled ginger ($11).

Mie N Yu
Georgetown’s Mie N Yu will be serving the Cherry Blossom, made with grape vodka, Fuki Cherry plum wine, and cranberry juice ($10).

Nage is offering the Crisp Cherry Cooler, for which cherries are muddled with mint and then served with gin ($8); the Cherry Bomb Martini, made with a Kirsch sinker ($9); and the Sundried Cherry Collins, a vodka Collins with sun-dried-cherry syrup ($8).

The Cerise en Fleur (French for “cherry in bloom”) at this brasserie in DC’s Chinatown is a mix of Skyy Infusions cherry vodka, aloe-vera juice, and shochu, a Japanese spirit distilled—not brewed like sake—from rice or barley. The drink is topped off with kriek, a cherry-fermented Belgian beer ($11).

PS 7’s
For her Salted Cherry Bourbon, Gina Chersevani uses house-made brandied cherries, honey, fleur de sel, and egg white ($10).

Restaurant 3
Ria Freydberg’s Cherry Town has raspberry vodka, a Bing cherry, and rose-infused syrup mixed with fresh orange juice and a dash of cherry bitters ($10).

Tabard Inn
Chantal Tseng will be serving a variation of the Cherry Rum Fizz using Cachaça, a Brazilian rum made from sugar-cane juice. The price isn’t set yet, but Tseng says it’ll be $10 or $11. She’s also working on a concoction featuring sparkling sake and house-made orgeat syrup. More details to come soon.

The Hotel Palomar’s restaurant and bar has the Cherry Sour, made with vanilla-and-sour-cherry-infused Basil Hayden’s bourbon and sour-cherry juice and garnished with cherry cotton candy ($11).

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