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Hollywood Hits Washington at the Night at the Museum Premiere

Robin Williams! Owen Wilson! Ben Stiller! Amy Adams! We got photos and video of all the stars from last week's Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian premiere.

The Night at the Museum premiere was a mob scene. Here, actor Owen Wilson poses for a gaggle of photographers. Photograph by Chris Leaman

There was no shortage of Hollywood glamour in Washington last night. The stars of Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian came out in droves for the world premiere at the Air and Space Museum. We were perched behind the velvet ropes to catch all the red-carpet action.

A large crowd of gawkers gathered outside the museum around 6:30 to catch the stars as they arrived. Hank Azaria, who plays Egyptian emperor Kahmunrah, was the first to walk the press line. He schmoozed with almost all of the reporters and even broke out his Chief Wiggum voice—he does the voices for several Simpsons characters—for Channel 7’s Arch Campbell. Robin Williams took his time with the media, too, pausing to chat with the heavy hitters, such as People and Access Hollywood as well as local reporters.

Amy Adams, who plays Amelia Earhart, breezed by most of the press line. But we were able to hear the red-headed actress—who looked stunning in lavender, by the way—tell a few reporters that she worked hard to study up on her character. “I watched every documentary I could find,” she said.

Owen Wilson lingered the longest on the red carpet. He didn’t talk to many reporters, but we caught him taking in some of the nearby exhibits. “Does anybody know what this plane is?” he asked reporters, pointing at a NASA aircraft. We were stumped, but Channel 5’s Maureen Umeh was able to entice Wilson to answer a few questions. How? She complimented him on his blond locks, of all things.

Check out our video and photo slide show after the jump!

All photographs by Chris Leaman

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