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Where & When: This Week in Washington Nightlife

SilverDocs wraps up, karaoke time in the Atlas District, Valerie Harper, and more.

Monday, June 22: SilverDocs Wrap-Up
SilverDocs wraps up today with screenings of some of the festival's winning films, as well as the most popular ones. At 8, it's Facing Ali, about boxing legend Muhammad Ali; at 10, The September Issue, about Vogue editrix Anna Wintour; also at 10, Best Worst Movie. For tickets and more information click here.

Tuesday, June 23: Walk (and Sing) Like an Egyptian
Maybe it's the $2 Tecate special, or the fact that no one seems to care how bad of a singer you are, but karaoke night's at Sticky Rice, the sushi bar in the Atlas District, are just too fun. Wannabes step up to the microphone at 10.

Wednesday, June 24: Music&Movies
This week's music-themed film screening outdoors as part of the NoMa film festival is Ray, starring Jaime Fox as musician Ray Charles. Screenings are held every Wednesday at 7 right by the New York Avenue Metro station.

Thursday, June 25: Looped
The Mary Tyler Moore Show's Valerie Harper plays washed up star Tallulah Bankhead in Looped, currently onstage at the Lincoln Theatre through Sunday. Read our theatre critic's review of the show here (hint, Harper's performance is described as "divine"), and get tickets for tonight's performance. 8 PM.

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