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Listen Up! Anti-Love Edition

This week, Listen Up!, our music column, looks at the ugly side of love. Cynical about Valentine’s Day, or just recently dumped? This playlist is for all who, for one reason or other, believe that love is no big truth. If you have suggestions, let us know

We’ll be the first to admit we’ve gone a bit Valentine’s Day crazy here at—have you seen our comprehensive guide? We even have recommendations for lingerie. And we’re not even close to finished yet. We’ve got plenty of fun posts coming up soon, including a Valentine’s Day-themed playlist next Tuesday.

But after reading about Lucas and Justin breaking up in this week’s Dating Diaries update, we cried a little and realized there was a sizable demographic we’d been neglecting: single people.

Many of us won’t be spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other, either by choice or lack of luck. To all those happily single, we congratulate your fortitude. You’re stronger than most people—and, most likely, a robot. To those alone and sour about being so, this playlist is our gift to you.

We tried to cover a range of emotions, from cynicism to sadness, bitterness to rage. It was the easiest playlist to assemble—after all, we all know the pain of being jerked around in a relationship. (Stay strong, Lucas!)

Did we miss your favorite song? Leave us suggestions in the comments and we’ll add them to the playlist.

This playlist is no longer available. Sorry, folks!

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