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Listen Up! Britney Edition

This week, Listen Up!, our music column, has caught Britney fever. But don’t go hating just yet—the compiled songs are not ones you’d expect to hear from the princess of pop. Tell us what you think of the playlist and leave suggestions in the comments. (W

Every time we turn on the TV, we see her. Or we see people talking about her. And no, we don’t mean Hillary Clinton—this is After Hours, not Capital Comment, remember? We watch MTV and Fuse and G4 and the CW and now we’re getting embarrassed so we’ll stop.

Point is, we’re talking about Britney Spears.

Not the bald, scary Britney but the one whose documentary, Britney: For the Record, premiered Sunday night on MTV; the Britney looking healthy and pretty—but not sexy!—on the covers of Rolling Stone and Glamour; the one whose new album, Circus, is out today; the one who just got a Bambi (the German media award, not the cute deer).

Yes, we’re in the midst of Britskrieg.2, and the backlash to Brit-Brit’s comeback is, expectedly, also well underway. Personally, we don’t love or hate her. We do sort of admire, however, the girl’s knack for grabbing people’s attention. Thus, we decided that instead of complaining about or ignoring the Britney media onslaught, we’d go ahead and embrace it (just this once, we promise!) as a theme for this week’s playlist—in our own special way, of course.

Below you won’t find “Baby, One More Time” or “I’m a Slave 4 U” or any of the hits that made Britney the cultural phenomenon she is these days. C’mon, that’d be too easy! Instead, we’ve put together some of her lesser-known, more underrated songs. Plus, we’ve thrown in two of the better songs from her new album (“Kill the Lights” and “If You Seek Amy”) for all the diehard fans.

We admit we’re going to need plenty of help on this playlist. So, ladies and gays, er, guys, get to it in the comments! Discuss: What are some of the best Britney songs never heard on the radio?

This playlist is no longer available. Sorry, folks!

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