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Listen Up! Inauguration Edition

This week, Listen Up!, our music column, wonders: What artists will perform at next month’s inauguration? Plenty of names have been thrown around, but we want to know what you think. Tell us who should perform at Obama’s inauguration—and why—in the commen

As January 20 draws closer, one of the topics being discussed is who’ll perform at the various inauguration balls and galas. Already, more than a few names have been thrown into the mix. There’s talk about Bruce Springsteen, a staunch Obama supporter, and Stevie Wonder, whom the President-elect called his “musical hero” in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. Beyoncé has expressed interest in participating, which almost guarantees the presence of her hubby, rapper Jay-Z. Then there’s Bob Dylan, another Obama favorite, and, the man responsible for the “Yes We Can” viral video.

Recently, reports have surfaced about Shakira being contacted by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to perform—reports that have yet to be denied or confirmed by said committee.

Now, these all sound like solid choices, but aren’t we forgetting something? Or rather, two young someones? That’s right, we’re talking about first daughters Sasha and Malia—and we bet there’s no one they’d rather see perform more on Inauguration Day than the Jonas Brothers.

Then there’s the local angle to consider. After all, the new President will be spending the next four years in our city, so he should be familiarized with DC’s music scene. Inaugural committee, in case you’re wondering who’d fit the bill, we’d like to nominate the indie band These United States. C’mon, the name alone makes the band the perfect choice.

What do you think, dear readers? Tell us in the comments who should rock the inauguration!

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