An Early Look at Zentan (With Menus)

The Donovan House, the sleek boutique hotel on DC’s Thomas Circle, hasn’t had the easiest go of things in the dining department. Originally, its in-house restaurant was to be a Todd English-helmed modern-Asian place called Cha. A few months ago, after repeatedly delayed openings, English pulled out of the project and in came Susur Lee, the chef behind Shang in the Thompson Hotel, the Donovan’s sister property in Manhattan. The candlelit restaurant and lounge—now called Zentan (1155 14th St. NW; 202-379-4366)—opened Monday. The menu offers small plates, sushi, and pan-Asian entrées, including a few hits from Shang such as five-spice slaw and quick-sauté wild garlic shrimp.

Read on for a look at the dining room and lounge plus the dinner menu.

Sushi and Sashimi

Cooked shrimp    $3
Smoked salmon    $3
Yellowtail     $3
Tuna    $3
Spicy lobster    $5
Japanese snapper    $3
Scallop    $3
Salmon    $3
Sea urchin    $5
Freshwater eel    $3
Cooked lobster    $6
Albacore    $3
Octopus    $4

Daily Market Selections

Sushi plate—7-piece sushi and spicy tuna roll    $18
Sashimi plate—12-piece sashimi    $25
Sushi and sashimi platter—5-piece sushi, 9-piece sashimi, and tuna roll    $28
Sushi platter—15-piece sushi and 2 signature rolls     $48
Zentan platter—18-piece sushi, 15-piece sashimi, and 2 signature rolls     $85
Zentan platter deluxe—2 whole fish, 18-piece sushi, 15-piece sashimi, and 2 signature rolls    $120

Asian Crudo

Bigeye Tuna                          $15
Preserved lemon, jalapeño, and soya    

Freshly Shucked Oysters             $16
Ponzu, shallot, Spanish chili, and basil

Salmon                                                       $12
Cilantro, chives, sea salt, shiso, and lime-ponzu sauce

Tuna Tartare                                                        $13
Crispy Asian pear, avocado, fried shallots, and micro-greens

Charred Scallops                                              $14
Almond, sundried-tomato vinaigrette, and salmon caviar

Yellowtail                            $14
Black bean, yuzu, and radish salad        

Crudo Platter                                                                  $24
Bigeye tuna, salmon, charred scallop, yellowtail, and Singapore slaw

Signature Rolls

Spicy—salmon, tuna, yellowtail, or scallop    $8
California—jumbo lump crab    $9
Philadelphia—smoked salmon, cream cheese    $7
Avocado—tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, or freshwater eel    $7
Ever Green—vegetables wrapped with cucumber skin    $7
Natoro—riceless roll, tuna, salmon, yellowtail    $9
Salmon Lover—salmon, avocado, spicy salmon, tobiko    $10
Snow—tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado with kelp seaweed    $10
Fire Dragon—spicy tuna, barbecued eel, avocado, tobiko    $11
Fire Cracker—shrimp tempura, spicy lump crab salad    $11
Rainbow—jumbo lump crab, tuna, salmon, yellowtail    $12
Lobster—Maine lobster, shiso leaf, caviar    $18


Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup    $6
Chicken and shredded vegetable

Coconut Shrimp    $7
Thai chili and fresh lime


Singapore Slaw                                         $16
16 ingredients, hazelnuts, and salted-plum dressing

Edamame with sea salt    $5

Chinoise Salad                                       $10
Avocado, mango, kumquats, snowpeas, cashews
Grilled chicken/shrimp, add $5

Beijing Cucumber Salad                     $10
Roasted peppers, barley miso, and avocado

Yukon Matchstick Potatoes    $8
Spiced mayo

Chickpea Onion Rings             $8
Mango chutney and minted yogurt

Almond-Crusted Vegetable Dumplings    $9
Swatow chili dipping sauce

Lobster and Shrimp Dumpling Lettuce Wrap    $10
Mandarin-orange/chili/soya dip

Tempura Rock Shrimp    $9
Citrus/smoked-chili mayo

Pulled Duck Roll                                         $10
Spiced nuts, oven-dried pineapple, and goat cheese

Satay Beef/Chicken/Shrimp Trio                           $9
Penang peanut sauce, tamarind glaze, and mint chutney

Donovan Platter                     $22
Almond-crusted vegetable dumpling
Tempura rock shrimp
Pulled duck roll
Satay trio


Caramelized Black Cod                                  $24    
Cantonese preserved vegetable/mustard-green relish

Quick-Sauté Wild Garlic Shrimp                      $22
Cantonese XO sauce, roasted tomato, and Thai basil

Spicy Stir-Fried Pearl Noodles       $18
Scallops, shrimp, and fresh vegetables

Hong Kong-Style Steamed Fish     Market Price
Chili/black-bean sauce, green onion, and ginger

Stir-Fried Boneless Jerk Chicken    $16
Ginger-and-mango purée

Shang’s Crispy Garlic Chicken    $18
Sweet-and-sour sauce, shrimp chips

Hunan-Style Pork Loin Ribs    $21
Tomatillo/mango salsa

Cantonese Marinated Skirt Steak                        $23
Shallot brown butter, chili ponzu, and crunchy hazelnut

Mongolian Lamb Chops                                                      $34
Chili, mint, carrot, cardamom, peanut chutneys, and glazed bananas

Grilled Sirloin Steak                            $37
Teriyaki butter sauce and tempura vegetables

Roasted Salmon                                             $24
Yuzu/tarragon hollandaise and wasabi mashed potatoes

Sauteed Scallops                                              $22
Spicy black-bean sauce, vegetables, and sushi rice cakes

Szechuan-Style Half Duck    $28
Bean djan and lotus pancake

Crispy Vegetable Fried Rice With Roasted Almonds    $13
Chicken/beef/shrimp add $5


Miso roasted sweet potato with caramelized nuts    $5
Wasabi mashed potatoes    $6
Roasted soya asparagus    $6
Stir-fried garlic Chinese long beans    $5
Jasmine steamed rice    $3

Ann Limpert
Executive Food Editor/Critic

Ann Limpert joined Washingtonian in late 2003. She was previously an editorial assistant at Entertainment Weekly and a cook in New York restaurant kitchens, and she is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education. She lives in Logan Circle.

Jessica Sidman
Food Editor

Jessica Sidman covers the people and trends behind D.C.’s food and drink scene. Before joining Washingtonian in July 2016, she was Food Editor and Young & Hungry columnist at Washington City Paper. She is a Colorado native and University of Pennsylvania grad.