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Online Extras: Washingtonian Style Setters

Our September issue includes a 12-page spread of some of Washington's most fashionable ladies and gents. Here's where you can find even more Style Setters content that we couldn't fit in print.

Ever wonder what goes into a fashion shoot? We took over DC’s W Hotel for this year’s Style Setters spread. Check out our behind-the-scenes video to see how it all came together.

In Depth With the Style Setters

 While the clothes do most of the talking in print, some of our Style Setters have a thing or two to say about looking good in DC. 

>> Aureta Thomollari, blogger and president of D&A Luxury Consulting
>> Shom Chowdhury, management consultant at Navigant Consulting
>> Cheryl New, divorce attorney, New & Lowinger
>> Naomi Davis, dance instructor and blogger, and husband Josh, banking associate
>> Eric Felten, jazz singer and trombonist
>> Kristin Guiter, public relations director at the Corcoran Gallery of Art


Three of this year's Style Setters are well known in the blogosphere. Check out Naomi Davis's blog, Rockstar Diaries, Aureta Thomollari's site, Aureta's Blog, and Betsy Lowther's Fashion is Spinach.