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Don’t Look Back! A Guide to Ghost Tours and Haunted Houses

Spook yourself out with a Halloween walk through old mansions or historic streets

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Terrifying—not for children under 13 or the faint of heart!

Fright at the Museum: Dead Men Walking 
The National Museum of Crime & Punishment is home to a Tennessee electric chair that executed 125 men between 1916 and 1960; this Halloween season their souls are roaming the museum in search of new blood. Fresh victims under the age of 17 not permitted. October 21 through 24 and 28 through 31; tours start at 7. $20.

Nightmare Manor in Beallsville, Maryland
In 1812 British soldiers massacred an American militia on this mansion’s grounds. The homeowner lost his wife and daughter to the violence and exacted his revenge in his barns, where he poisoned the wounded soldiers who had commandeered his home. Almost two centuries later, the estate is still haunted; make it through a 45-minute haunted trail through the grounds and barns, then venture into this tortured home and meet its inhabitants. $20. Open nightly October 22 through 24 and 28 through 31, 7 to 10.

Patuxent Research Lab Haunted House at Prince George’s Stadium in Bowie
From the people who brought you last year’s Asylum (and a host of other haunts for more than 20 years) comes the Patuxent Research Lab. Something has gone horribly wrong in this laboratory. Find out what. $15, October 22, 23, 29, 30, and 31; 6:30 to 11.

Bennett’s Curse at Blobs Park in Jessup
This cluster of attractions has been around for ten years and was featured on for the last three. This year, Bennett’s is taking you nonstop through its attractions and story lines, all designed to traumatize and reduce you to a terrified, blubbering version of yourself. Sunday and Thursday: 7 to 10, $20 ($30 speed pass); Friday, Saturday, and Halloween 7 to 11, $25 ($35 speed pass).

Creepywoods at Huber’s Farm in Kingsville, Maryland
The “Death Cult” and its undead experiments are waiting to test their black magic on any unfortunate wanderer who dares enter Creepywoods, created by the same twisted minds that brought you Bennett’s Curse. Admission is $15 ($25 speed pass). Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through November 5; 7:30 to 11 (closes at 10 on Sunday).

Fields of Fear at Cox Farms in Centreville
At this farm, more than 20 acres of scary attractions such as the Bug Room, Claustrophobia, and Haunted Whispers awaits you. The Dark Side Hayride takes you through scenes such as Xmas, Graveyard, and Trolls. Every Friday and Saturday up to and including  Halloween; 7:30 to 11. A limited number of tickets ($15) are sold each night.

Bedlam in the ’Boro in Lineboro, Maryland
There’s no turning back on this four-mile haunted hayride—once the tractor pulls off you’re at the mercy of the freaks and heinous sights that have taken over Lineboro’s streets. If that doesn’t do it for you, then maybe the haunted house will. Hayride $12, haunted house $8, combo ticket $15, speed pass for both attractions $25. Every Friday and Saturday through October 30, 7 to 10:30.

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