Thanksgiving To-Go

Don’t feel like looking at your oven this Thanksgiving? Some Washington restaurants are cooking Thanksgiving menus that can be picked up or delivered. Whether you want a full spread or a few items to spice up the holiday table, here are a variety of turke

A New Orleans-style Thanksgiving to go includes a deep-fried turkey and sides dishes such as collard greens, which are also available à la carte.

On the menu: Dinner for eight ($95) includes a 12-to-14-pound deep-fried Cajun turkey, choice of gravy (giblet or eggplant), 12 biscuits with pepper jelly, any four sides, and a choice of pecan or pumpkin pie. À la carte sides ($7 per quart) include giblet and eggplant gravies, sweet-potato purée, mashed potatoes, oyster stuffing, cranberry sauce, butternut-squash soup, and collard greens; biscuits and pepper jelly ($10 per dozen); pecan or pumpkin pie ($12); 12-to-14-pound turkey ($70)

Ordering information: Place all orders by Sunday, November 21, by calling 202-408-8848. Pickups are at the restaurant Thursday, November 25, from 10 to noon.

In addition to seafood starters, this Palisades restaurant/fish market is cooking up a Southern-influenced menu with all-natural Amish birds from Pennsylvania, sides, and desserts.

On the menu: Brined and seasoned oven-ready turkey ($6.99 per pound); spiral-cut honey ham ($6.50 per pound); butternut-squash soup ($10.99 per quart); miniature crabcakes ($29.99 per dozen); bluefish ($8.99) and smoked-trout salads ($7); sweet-potato purée with caramelized apples ($7.99 per quart); French beans almandine ($11.99 per tray); duo of rices with pumpkin seeds, butternut squash, and cranberries ($10.49 per quart); braised Southern greens with house-smoked bacon ($13.99 per quart); potato gratin with Parmesan ($11.99 per tray); spiced cranberry sauce ($7.99 per pint); gravy ($10.99 per quart); baguette-and-sage stuffing ($7.99 per quart); oyster stuffing with apples and walnuts ($14.99 per quart); apple streusel ($20.99 per nine-inch pie); pumpkin pie ($20.99 per nine-inch pie); Key-lime pie ($24.99 per nine-inch pie); cornbread ($6 per loaf); biscuits ($10 per dozen); ice creams and sorbets ($5.99 per pint).

Ordering information: Call 202-342-9104 by Sunday, November 21 (orders are taken from 10 to 8:30). Pickup is at the restaurant Wednesday, November 24.

BGR: The Burger Joint
Founder Mark Bucher fries patron-provided turkeys for free at the Bethesda branch of his burger spot.

On the menu: BGR-goers bring their own thawed turkeys, which Bucher deep fries compliments of the house. The regular menu is available, and a special "Thanksgiving on a Bun" turkey burger ($9.99) and pumpkin pie shake ($4.99) can act as an appetizer while you wait.

Ordering information: Bucher's fryer is bubbling 11 to 1:30 on Thursday, November 25th.

Café Saint-Ex
Pastry chef Alison Reed is offering portable pies made from her grandmother’s traditional recipes.  

On the menu: Pumpkin, apple, and pecan pies ($18 to $20 each).

Ordering information: E-mail by the end of the day Friday, November 19. Pickup is at the restaurant Wednesday, November 24.

The Penn Quarter location of this Italian-American chain is offering family-style meals that can be delivered or picked up.

On the menu: Dinner for eight to ten ($195) includes an 18-pound turkey with sausage-and-sage stuffing and giblet gravy; Brussels sprouts with bacon; sautéed green beans with red peppers and hazelnuts; sweet potatoes with marshmallow and maple syrup; mashed potatoes; cranberry sauce; and a pumpkin, apple, or pecan pie.

Ordering information: Call 202-737-7770 by  Monday, November 22. Delivery on Thanksgiving day, starting at 11 AM, is free to locations between First and 15th streets, Northwest, and between Constitution Avenue and K Street, Northwest. Pickup is at the restaurant, also on Thanksgiving day starting at 11.

Cork Market
This wine-focused shop in Logan Circle is cooking classic sides and desserts. The staff can also recommend wine pairings.  

On the menu: House-cured duck confit ($12); buttermilk-and-herb-marinated fried chicken ($11 per pound); Brussels sprouts with pancetta and brown butter ($9 per pound); macaroni and cheese with blue cheese and pancetta ($5); sweet-potato gratin ($15 per tray); sausage-and-chestnut stuffing ($12 per quart); vegetarian cornbread stuffing with herbs and chilis ($12 per quart); braised winter greens ($8 per pound); cranberry-and-ginger relish ($8 per pint); wine-and-herb turkey gravy ($9 per pint); house-made Parker rolls ($10 per dozen); cheese platter with crackers ($75, serves 10 to 15); charcuterie plate ($75, serves 10 to 15); butterscotch-and-pecan tart with chocolate crust ($25); apple-spice pie ($25); bourbon-pumpkin cheesecake with pecan-and-graham-cracker crust ($30).

Ordering information: Call 202-265-2674 by Monday, November 22. Pickup is Wednesday, November 24, and Thursday, November 25.

Chef Glenn Babcock provides local and organic birds, updated versions of classic side dishes, and pies.

On the menu: Turkeys (12 to 22 pounds, $4.95 per pound); side dishes ($24) serve 12 and include wild-rice pilaf, corn succotash, porcini-and-green-bean casserole; maple-whipped sweet potatoes; fennel-and-cranberry sauce; truffled potatoes; and gravy. Desserts are pecan and pumpkin pies ($15 each) and pumpkin cheesecake ($35 each).

Ordering information: Call 202-448-8005 by Monday, November 15, for turkey and by Thursday, November 18, for sides and desserts. Turkey pickup is at the restaurant Sunday, November 21, through Wednesday, November 24. Pick up all other items November 24.  

Neighborhood Restaurant Group’s Star Catering
2824 Fallfax Dr., Falls Church
Fried turkey and other Southern-inspired Thanksgiving favorites are available for pickup and delivery.

On the menu: A dinner for eight ($165) includes an oven-ready turkey; roast-garlic mashed potatoes; green-bean casserole; rosemary-and-sage stuffing; turkey gravy; cranberry/quince chutney; buttermilk biscuits; and a nine-inch pumpkin, pecan, apple, or sweet-potato pie from Buzz Bakery. À la carte items, including a deep-fried turkey ($90), are also available. Click here for the full menu.

Ordering information: Place orders for turkeys by 5 PM on Saturday, November 20. Orders for other items must be placed by noon on Monday, November 22. Call 703-549-8090, fax an order form (PDF) to 703-573-0303, or e-mail Craig Currie at Pick up is Tuesday, November 23, from 10 to 2 at the Bethesda Farmers Market, or Wednesday, November 24, beginning at noon at Planet Wine (2000 Mt. Vernon Ave., Alexandria; 703-549-3444). Delivery service is available on Wednesday, November 24, for an
additional $15 to locations inside the beltway, or $20 for locations outside the beltway.

Chef Robert Dalliah and bread guru Mark Furstenberg are teaming up for a Thanksgiving feast.

On the menu: Roast turkey ($8 per pound); oyster-stew kit with oysters, soup, and chives ($21 per quart); butternut-squash soup ($16 per quart); giblet gravy ($7 per pint, $12 per quart); braised greens with ham hock ($10 per pint, $18 per quart); roasted Brussels sprouts with chopped pecans ($7 per pint, $12 per quart); mashed potatoes ($6 per pint, $11 per quart); sweet potato with marshmallow ($7 per pint, $12 per quart); mushroom-leek-and-celery stuffing ($6 per pint, $10 per quart); nine-inch pumpkin ($12), apple ($15), and pecan ($16) pies.

Ordering information: Call 202-234-6218 or e-mail to place orders by Sunday, November 21. Pickup is at the restaurant Wednesday, November 24, frp, 8 to 5.

Chef Ris LaCoste is providing a host of sides and pies to complement a homemade bird.

On the menu: Sausage-sage bread stuffing ($8 per pint, $15 per quart); cornbread-apple-and-pecan stuffing ($8 per pint, $15 per quart); cranberry sauce ($8 per pint, $15 per quart); turkey gravy ($8 per pint, $15 per quart); sweet-potato-and-caramelized-onion casserole with marshmallow gratin ($10 per loaf, serves four to six); cranberry-orange bread ($6 loaf, serves four); pumpkin, apple, pecan, and mincemeat pies ($24, serves eight to 10).

Ordering information: Orders must be placed by Thursday, November 18. Pickup is at the restaurant Tuesday, November 23, or Wednesday, November 24, from 3 to 5.

The Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner
A lavish dinner for six from a luxury hotel.

On the menu: A meal for six ($279) includes a 12-to-14-pound turkey, cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetable casserole, gravy, cranberry chutney, butternut-squash soup, mixed-greens salad, roasted beets with goat cheese and candied pecans, seafood pasta salad, cornbread, brownies, and pumpkin pie.

Ordering information: Place your order by Monday, November 22. Pickup is Thanksgiving Day from 9 to 4. 

The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C.
Classic Thanksgiving dishes from a four-star hotel.

On the menu: A meal for for six ($249) includes a 10-to-12-pound roasted Amish turkey; country-bread stuffing with apples, sausages, and dried cherries; giblet gravy; cranberry-orange sauce; butternut-squash soup; caramelized hazelnuts; shrimp cocktail; organic greens with truffle vinaigrette; honey-roasted root vegetables; Brussels sprouts with chestnuts; potato puree; six corn muffins; and a choice of apple or pumpkin pie.

Ordering information: Orders must be placed by noon on Monday, November 22. Pickup is at the hotel in the lobby on Thanksgiving day from 9 to 4.  

When picking up family-style a la carte orders at Wildfire, you can bring some pantry items for their food drive (Thanksgiving through Sunday, November 28th) to benefit Food for Others, an organization that distributes items for Northern Virginian families in need.

On the menu: All a la carte platters serve eight to 10 people. Caesar salad ($27.95); Wildorf salad ($27.95); Wildfire chopped salad with roasted chicken, avocado, blue cheese and bacon ($32.95); Roasted turkey with mushroom herb stuffing and cranberry relish ($99.95); Parmesan crusted rockfish with tomato jam and lemon butter sauce ($139.95); New York strip roast with shallot balsamic sauce($117.95); Mushroom herb stuffing ($17.95); Redskin mashed potatoes ($17.95); Sweet potato casserole ($17.95); Wood roasted vegetables ($19.95); Roasted asparagus ($19.95); Green bean amandine ($17.95); Broccoli with lemon herb butter ($17.95)  Pumpkin, pecan and apple streusel pies ($19.95) 

Ordering information: Orders must be placed by Tuesday, November 23rd at 5. Pickup at the restaurant 11:30 to 8. 

Zola Wine + Kitchen
Turkeys here come herb-roasted or oven-ready, complete with a roasting pan. There is also a selection of sides and desserts.

On the menu: Herb-roasted turkey ($99 for a bird that serves six to eight); oven-ready turkey ($79 for a bird that serves six to eight); butternut-squash soup ($15 per ½ gallon); mushroom-and-brie soup ($20 per ½ gallon); mashed potatoes ($15 for three pounds); olive-oil-braised fingerling potatoes ($17 for two pounds); orange-and-brown-sugar-glazed sweet potatoes ($12 for two pounds); cornbread stuffing ($16 for two pounds); oyster stuffing ($24 for two pounds); brioche stuffing ($14 for two pounds); green beans with onion straws ($14 for two pounds); sautéed mushrooms ($19 for two pounds); corn spoonbread ($18 for three pounds); honey-glazed carrots ($17 for two pounds); blue-cheese-and-rutabaga mash ($13 for three pounds); apple-and-bacon-braised kale ($14 for two pounds); roast butternut squash ($19 for two pounds); creamed spinach ($19 for two pounds); cranberry relish ($7 per pint).
Also available are full meals for six to eight ($129 for oven-ready turkey; $149 for herb-roasted turkey), which include five sides, gravy, cranberry sauce, rolls, and a pumpkin or apple pie.

Ordering information: Call Joyce at 202-639-9463 or e-mail to place an order by Tuesday, November 22. Pickup is at the store Wednesday, November 24, from 11 to 8.

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Anna Spiegel covers the dining and drinking scene in her native DC. Prior to joining Washingtonian in 2010, she attended the French Culinary Institute and Columbia University’s MFA program in New York, and held various cooking and writing positions in NYC and in St. John, US Virgin Islands.