Food In 2011: What’s Hot and Cold on Washington Plates

18 things you'll see in Washington restaurants next year, and 18 food trends that are on their way out
Pork Schnitzel Chicken Parmesan
Alsatian Tarts Flatbreads
Lining up for Red Hook Lobster Pound Lining up for Ray’s Hell Burger
Baby octopus Baby bok choy
Scotch cocktails Punch
Riffs on bagels and lox Riffs on BLTs
Popsicles Fro-yo
Haute half-smokes Asking, “What’s a half-smoke?”
Crab dip Taramasalata
Hay smoking Smoked salt
“Dirt” Powders
Veal crudo Carpaccio
Popcorn House-made potato chips
Velouté Bisque
Tarragon Micro-basil
Dessert French toast Dessert PB&Js
Forbidden Rice Quinoa
Pie Deconstructed pie

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