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Pucker Up: The Best Make-Out Spots in Washington

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we know you’ve got your mind on making the most romantic night possible. How about taking your sweetheart to one of our favorite local make-out spots? Make sure to leave your own recommendations in the comments.

The Spanish Steps in DC's Kalorama is a neat overlook that's good for getting close. Photo by Flickr user serk1.

Spanish Steps: While it’s certainly not Rome, the Spanish Steps in DC’s Kalorama area will do in a pinch. The quaint, leafy stairs used to lead to an 18th-century mansion in the neighborhood; now they provide a lovely overlook of the elegant neighborhood, with its embassies and other grand buildings. The steps are at 22nd and S streets, Northwest.

Constitution Gardens Lake: This peaceful lake, off to the side of the tourist-trafficked reflecting pool between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, is an oasis on the Mall. Ducks splash about and ruffle their feathers, weeping willows rim the edges of the water, and benches perfect for sitting with your sweetheart abound.

US National Arboretum: It may be winter and much of the lush foliage of the National Arboretum may be dead, but there’s still nothing to match the romantic setting of the arboretum’s National Capitol Columns. The Corinthian columns, originally part the US Capitol building, now stand dramatically on their own in a grassy expanse facing a reflecting pool.

Uptown Theater: Channel your inner teenager by playing hooky from work, catching a matinee at this gorgeous Cleveland Park movie house, and grabbing a seat in the back of the balcony.

United States Botanical Garden: If you can sneak away from the tourists and other plant lovers here, try the garden’s orchid room. There’s a small bench near some medicinal herbs, where the air is warm and slightly fragrant.

Jefferson Memorial and Tidal Basin
: An oldie but a goodie. Who can resist this monument at night and in spring, when the cherry blossoms are exploding?

Alexandria waterfront: Who’s not up for a little necking on the waterfront? Head to one of the benches scattered along the waterfront at the end of King Street in Old Town—you know what to do from there.

Where are your favorite make-out spots in Washington? Let us know in the comments below.