Chefs Tell All: Best, Most Overrated, and Most Underrated Restaurants

For our January issue, we asked 24 chefs to give their candid—and anonymous—opinions on overrated colleagues, underappreciated restaurants, embarrassing ingredients, and nightmare customers. We're posting the results throughout the month.

What is the best restaurant in Washington?

Palena, Obelisk, CityZen, and Komi got the most votes, with Dukem and 2 Amys close behind.

Most overrated restaurant?

CityZen, Komi, and Birch & Barley (“My wife and I left there hungry and went to eat burgers”) got the most smacks.

Most underrated restaurant?

Palena (“There aren’t enough superlatives in the universe for it”), Kaz Sushi Bistro, and the Oval Room.



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This article appears in the January issue of The Washingtonian.

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